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Pre-Singing FACEBOOK Competition

We are excited to announce our Pre-Singing Competition! The 5 TOP contestants will be selected by their TOP LIKES or “Thumbs Up” on UHF’s YouTube Channel. The 5 winners must compete in the MN Hmong New Year singing competition (Nov. 23-25, 2018). You do not need to join the Pre-Singing Competition to enter in the MN Hmong New Year Singing Competition.

Download the Singing Competition Application HERE if you just want to join the MN Hmong New Year Singing Competition or you may email nras.vang@gmail.com. Applications are due Thursday, November 8 at 11:59 PM.

*You may sing the same songs as others for this Pre-Singing Competition!

If you are one of the 5 winners, you will be entered into the Singing Competition at the MN Hmong New Year 2018-2019 for free. Your registration fee will be WAIVED!


Head over to our Facebook Post to take part in this pre-contest! CLICK HERE.
*There is NO fee to join the Pre-Singing Facebook Competition. Just have fun!


  1. Must like The United Hmong Family, Inc.’s page

  2. Share AND Like the Facebook Post

  3. Tag 2 friends in the comments!

  4. Submit Singing Video (.mp4 format) by Sunday, October 21st before 11:59 pm to nras.vang@gmail.com

    *Top 5 Pre-Singing contestants with the most likes on YouTube will be invited to perform on stage at the RiverCentre during the 3-day event for a chance to win prize money and a 2018-2019 winning title!
    *Likes on YouTube will continue until Wednesday, October 31 at 11:59pm.

Song & Video Submission Requirements

  1. Video must include an Introduction:

    1. Name (First, Last)

    2. Where you are from (City, State)

  2. Must sing a Hmong song related to Hmong Culture/History/Traditions, live recorded (if you are concerned or not sure if the song meets this requirement, please send a link of the song to nras.vang@gmail.com)

  3. Video must be under 5 minutes in length (including introduction)

  4. Video must have a clear and identifiable view of your face

  5. Cannot be studio recorded

*First 10 people to submit their videos will be entered into a raffle drawing to win tickets to the New Year. Must put in effort into the video to be eligible. Will be notified via email. Every second counts!

1st person drawn will get 3 free tickets

2nd person will get 2 free tickets

3rd person will get 1 free ticket


If you are interested in judging for the River Centre Hmong New Year Singing Competition, please contact us. Singing experience highly preferred.

Da Vang, 2019 Hmong New Year Singing Coordinator
nras.vang@gmail.com | info@theunitedhmongfamily.org